Murders in Cognac

90’ - 2020


The cellar master of a large Cognac house was found strangled and burned. Captain Clémentine Segonzac is in charge of the investigation. She must collaborate with Yassine Benjebbour, a captain who recently arrived from the northern districts of Marseille. From the great houses to the passionate customers, their investigation into this mysterious death will lead them to explore the fascinating and secret world of Cognac and shed new light on the family history of Clémentine. The captain may not have told the whole truth to her teammate...


Format :


Broadcast year :


Broadcasters :

France 3, RTBF, RTS, TV5 Monde

Producers :

Noor Sadar, Aurélie Meimon

Writers :

Estelle Koenig et Simon Rocheman

Director :

Adeline Darraux

Cast :

Éléonore Bernheim, Olivier Sitruk, Jean-Yves Lafesse, Joe Sheridan