8 X 45’ - 2019


Rolf Larsen, once a respected criminal investigator at the CPH Police, lost his daughter in a tragic accident. Rolf is devastated from grief, but five years later, it turns out that the Danish National DNA register has a system failure. New information brings him hope that his daughter might be alive, and an unauthorised investigation leads Rolf on the trail of a case of illegal child trafficking. He will team up with tough French investigator Claire as they will have to face a sprawling network.


Format :

8 X 45’

Broadcast year :


Broadcasters :

TV2, Arte France, BBC, Starzplay

Producers :

Noor Sadar, Aurélie Meimon, Trin Thomsen, Sven Clausen

Writers :

Torleif Hoppe, Nanna Westh

Directors :

Henrik Ruben Genz, Kasper Gaardsøe

Cast :

Anders W. Berthelsen, Olivia Joof, Charlotte Rampling, Nicolas Bro, Zofia Wichlacz