Darknet Shores

6 X 26' - 2022


Ben and Flo are two young gamers, streamers, and amateur hackers. For them, life is much more exciting in the virtual world of the Darknet than in their peaceful little fishing village. The tranquility of Ponet-sur-Mer is about to be shattered when Alkan and Veran, two Albanian Mafiosi, arrive in town. After being cheated online by the two geeks, they are determined to get their money back.


Format :

6 X 26'

Broadcast year :


Broadcaster :

Prime Video

Producer :

Noor Sadar

Writers :

Rémy Four, Julien War

Directors :

Rémy Four, Julien War

Cast :

Artus, Théo Fernandez, Léon Plazol, Joséphine Draï, Imer Kutllovci, Isabelle Candelier, Arié Elmaleh, Vincent Desagnat, Olivier Broche, Pascal Légitimus